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ABOUT US... We are a retired couple with time to travel and explore America, driving to distant destinations, experiencing a renaissance in our life that has inspired us to 'get-up-go'. Our travel log is for you to enjoy our adventures, appreciate our scenic photos and share our special memories. Check back to review our next rendezvous with the unexpected escapades of travel. Phyllis and Jerry
TRAVEL LOG... We journal our daily experiences to capture the moments that become a library of memories, recalling the ambiance of particular destinations. The sounds, sights and the seasons will be remembered when we return home. Our log book becomes our diary, capturing those destinations not to be forgotten.
PHOTO ALBUMS... Some say pictures are worth 1000 words... our pictures are priceless memories. We will remember those picture-perfect sunsets, rare landscapes, breathtaking waterscapes, and curious landmarks that we visually documenting for review later in life. Browse our library of images by location, dates and years we discovered those awsome destinations.
ENDORSEMENTS... As tourist, we tried to patronize local establishments, seeking to discover unusual delicacies for telling others. If we were presently surprised with a vendor, of course, we would compliment the management, promising to promote their business herein. There is an old saying... "If service was good tell others... if service was poor tell the management."
LINKS... We are sharing helpful hyperlinks for those who might be traveling to the same destinations. We have links for travel information, scenic parks, business establishments, scenic roadways, local events and special interests. We encourage our followers to contact us by email with links that will be helpful to others. Not all Website will be accepted. We reserve the right to restrict inappropriate content.
TRAVEL TIPS... We have driven over 15,000 miles in the last two years, traveling to and through 15 states (anticipating 10 additional states in 2021). We have been accident free; no unexpected problems; got lost once due to a detour; cordially greeted by most strangers... except for one confrontation in Georgia and one dog owner in Door County; no traffic stops or intervention by authorities; and no lost wallets.
CONTACT US... We try to limit our internet usage to WIFI... hot spot cell coverage is metered, so we ask everyone to email us:


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