High Res
300 dpi
62 mm
Low Light
To get more... we can attach a wide-angle lense or a telephoto lense.

Voila... bigger and better !

Corp Portraits
Aerial Pics
Technical Information
Our photographs are 300 dpi images, 13" x 17" at 100%.

High resolution - medium format recorded in TIFF, JPEG, RAW (Eps)

We use Zuiko lenses specifically made for effective digital reproduction. The lenses are manufactured to channel light more accurate for image sensoring, rendering excellent photo results from edge to edge.

As digital photography has evolved so have shooting demands on the professional photographer. Color reproduction is more exacting than smaller cameras that have cheaper lenses made of plastic. Lenses made of precision cut glass eliminate distrotion, improve white balance, capturing the details that cheaper models do not.

To meet the standards in the photographic industry, we calibrate our digital equipment to the GreTag Macbeth Color Checker System for color accuracy. Our final images are color balanced, (white balanced), high resolution (300 dpi), 13" x 17" at 100%., unlike amateur, point and shoot, small lense cameras.

Our images are used for printing reproduction, graphic displays posters, large art prints. The advertising industry require these specifications. The magazine industry prefer high res images, while the Internet Industry uses low res images (72 dpi).

If you start with high res photography you can change your photos to low res, however, you cannot enlarge low res images. Our photos are shot at 300 dpi

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