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ABOUT US... In 2018, together, we began exploring the backroads of Wisconsin and Minnesota on our motorcycle, soon realizing how beautiful the world is. Mountains and hills with impressive cliffs, streams winding downward through the bluffs becoming rivers that nurtured the valleys. It was then, we decided to expand our horizons and discover all of nature's wonders across America.
Discovering Daytona Beach


Alma, WI ...2019
On the motorcycle in Door County
There is one thing for certain... Phyllis is always smiling, especially when she is up to something mischievous.

Her she is sitting in 80 degree sunshine on Carrabelle Beach near the Gulf of Mexico in Florida.

This was TRUMP country, of course !


Phyllis got arrested by Joe the sheriff in St Augustine, FL... for driniking over a gallon of water from the Fountain of Youth. Looking at these pictures I think she has her own brew stored away in her hometown, in North Dakota,


Barefoot on the beach in Panama City, FL ... her three sisters would say... "of course she is always barefoot."

Except when she is riding on the motorcycle !


Wherever we travel, Phyllis is a handful... 'a real rascal.' Here she is sitting on the eastern shoreline of Lake Superior, on the western coastline Upper Peninsula of Michigan... creating a stir in July of 2020. Look closer by clicking on this photograph to see an enlargement.


MEET JERRY... I have enjoyed motorcycling most of my life. It is the freedom of travel that keeps me riding to unknown destinations.

We chose this setup for flexibility and efficiency. Vango has a queen size bed, a closet and a port-a-potty. Tag-along has lots of storage, a shower, a kitchette, a refigerator and a gas oven.

The trailer can be converted to enclose our motorcycle for weekend get aways.

The person you travel with can make a big difference. Phyllis has been the most curious and delightful partner.
This is our rig... Vango and tag-along
Jerry is an ultra-conservative, American patriot who enjoys motorcycling, traveling and TRUMP !

"If you don't like TRUMP... then you probably won't like me... and I'm ok with that !"

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