Weddings by Gerald Allen
If you are looking for cheap wedding photography... buy a $200 SLR camera and have your uncle chase you around while pushing the auto exposure button.

Results... embarrassing, shameful, and tacky.

If you want satisfactory wedding pictures... hire a freelance photographer who works at a sports bar during the week and will be late for your wedding.

Results... After your wedding the photographer will give you a DVD with over 1,000 images for you to sort through. You might find a few images that you like.

GOOD LUCK. Very disappointing and contemptible.

If you want pleasing results (some call this photojournalism) with 100's of random images, inaccurate lighting, unflattering possess, with a poorly executed plan...

Results... These are passable professionals with satisfactory images at an unwarranted high price.

If you are a discerning bride and groom who want the very best photographer with over fifteen years of experience who understands composition and styling...

Enter this Website to discover a magnificent portfolio of prize winning wedding images unlike any other !!!


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