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TRAVEL LOG... 'Dear Diary'... it seems as if time is passing us by so quickly. I wish we could video record every minute of all the new destinations we discover. Each new road is an adventure, seeing different locations in our beautiful country is awesome, and watching how Americans move so freely, without hestiation, Big cities to small towns... I wonder how we all seem to have enough food, every day. There is ample fuel for everyone, safe water to drink and endless clean air to breathe.

We want to remember these adventures and moments when we are at home, staying warm during the next cold winter in Wisconsin. I believe we trust our politicans, too much. The years ahead look bleak and troublesome for America. I pray each day 'God Bless America...Save us from self-destruction.'

2018... June... Our first road trip on the motorcycle... riding along the Mississippi Scenic River Road... beginning in Prescott, WI... traveling to Bay City, Maiden Rock, Stockholm, stopping in Pepin for a sandwich at the Pickle Factory... continuing south to Alma. We took a steep road up the mountain to Buena Vista Park. WOW ! What a view of the Mississippi River basin, Lock and Dam #4, miles and miles across the river to Minnesota.
The hot summer sun cooked us at 90 degrees with the humidity at 65 percent. I felt like a hot dog on black leather seat. Without air conditioning I perspired like I was in a sauna. When we arrived in Lake City, MN... Jerry poured a bottle of cool water over my head. He said... "You are now cristened as a true biker."
2018...July 27... Wisconsin... Motorcycle trip to Elmwood Wisconsin, we took the back roads to experience the beauty of the countr side. The battery died when we were about 5-miles outside of Elmwood. We were able to get a ride back to Elmwood from a young lady who lived nearby. We ended up trying to charge the battery at a Cenex gas station, a quick charge did not work. However, while waiting for the battery to charge we were able observe the town's annual UFO parade with decorated floats. Quite humorous but interesting!!


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