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Tips forTraveling... As experienced van campers we have established our own set rules while traveling to unknown places. Rules as a couple: when we stop for fuel we have safety procedures in place, when walking in parking lots we are aware of our surrondings, when using our credit cards we watch out for each other, and when talking to strangers we practice confidential protocols. Even if your not a regular traveler you might benefit from reviewing our suggestions. If you have ideas to share, please send us your comments and common sense tips: Be safe, be aware and be secure.


Once when were parked near a gas pump, at a truck stop and Jerry was out of the van filling the tank while Phyllis was sitting in the passenger seat, reading. An unknown stranger tried opening her passenger door IT WAS LOCKED. The same man tried the rear side doors, next. THE DOORS WERE LOCKED. Our rule: When Jerry gets out of the van for any reason, he says... HIT THE DOORS LOCKS ! Never leave your vehicle doors unlock, even while moving.


One time, we pulled into a parking lot to read our maps and get our bearing... a passing stranger and his female companion were walking on a nearby sidewalk, (possibly 50 feet away), they changed their direction and approached our van looking directly at Jerry and yelled..."hey, man, you from out of town?" At that point...I rolled up the door window and turned on the motor... and drove away. Our rule: never have a conversation with univited strangers, especially if there is more then one person approaching you.


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